Whally Board (Orange)
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Whally Board (Orange)

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**LIMITED SUPPLY** (Orange Color) Like Whale swimming in the sea, swim either left-right or front-back freely; happily. Children can sit or stand on Whally board to train their balance and sensory stimulations. 

  •  Inspired by a jumping fish, Weplay Whally Board is textured with waves and bubbles on surface to provide children with tactile stimulations to feet and inspire the imagination of fish roaming freely in water. 
  • This ergonomic balance board is designed for young children to either sit or stand on for a fun rock balancing game. 
  • The grooved waves design on the back can prevent finger trapping injuries. 
  • The 3 D wavy base design not only offers children varied bumping fun while wobbling on Weplay Whally Board but also makes the balance activity more challenging than usual. 

Play Value 
  • Playing on the top side of Weplay Whally Board allows children to practice their balancing skills via core control and strengthen their motor coordination.
  • Weplay Whally Board's 3D wavy base design brings bumping effect while rocking to help develop children's tactile senses. 
  • Rocking left and right or back and forth can provide vestibular stimulations to children and enhance their development of vestibular balance. 
  • Weplay Whally Boards can turn into a creative stepping route and help to active children's adaptive motors and protective reaction skills.

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