The Original Allergy Emergency Kit - Non-Locking with Alarm
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The Original Allergy Emergency Kit - Non-Locking with Alarm

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(13"L x 4"W x 13"H) This kit includes everything needed, except the medication itself, for the setup of an allergy emergency kit. This wall-mounted cabinet (hardware included) is intended to be installed in the school lunch room close to the nut-free table or in corridors near where children eat in their classroom or could experience bee stings during recess or gym class.

The patent-pending design balances the security of a locking door with the emergency access of a breakaway glass window. In an "extraordinary situation" if you don't have a key - you break the glass! The Velcro back panel allows you to organize any combination of Epinephrine auto injectors, asthma inhalers or other emergency supplies as appropriate for the age and allergy/asthma risks in your building. Signage options allow you to clearly indicate kit contents.

Kit includes hammer/chain, installation anchors, 3D signage to mount above the cabinet and all needed Velcro. An optional vandalism alarm is available for the unit.
  • 25% of anaphylaxis incidents involve victims who had no idea they had an allergy. Legislation is shifting toward a "non-specific" or public supply of epinephrine auto injectors - store your public supply in a public area!
  • Clearly demonstrate your commitment to safety to worried parents of nut allergic children.
  • Minimize panic in case of an anaphylaxis emergency by shaving minutes off of the time it takes to get epinephrine to the child.
  • Reduce liability due to "comedy of errors" that could cost a life (locked doors, missing keys, misplaced auto-injectors, delays).
  • Comply with laws that require "secure" storage of prescription medication.

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