Teddy Talker Teach Together Toolkit
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Teddy Talker Teach Together Toolkit

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Teddy Talker Teach Together Toolkit is designed to connect educators with families providing focused practice on 38 sounds to develop phoneme-grapheme correspondence. It is filled with reference materials and activities for the classroom, special education or therapy settings. “Toolpages” can also be sent home for practice. This kit uses child-friendly visuals from the foundation kit, mouth position cards with reinforcement rhymes and alphabet chart.

Teddy Talker is an innovative tool designed to promote early articulation skills with the connection to print. The Teddy Talker Bear and materials are specifically created to build an auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic model by linking phonemes and graphemes in a fun-filled way. This program capitalizes on the principle that the rate of retention for learning increases when the learner teaches others. The child is directly involved in both showing and telling Teddy “how” to produce the sounds. 

As Teddy’s “teacher”, the child is processing what they learned through several senses. Manipulatives represent the lips/teeth and tongue and key elements such as voicing, breath and nasal features. Children build sounds using touch and movement to unlock the mystery of what goes on inside the mouth!

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