Symbol Near Vision Card
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Symbol Near Vision Card

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(8" x 10") Patti Pic optotype chart for near vision testing. Used to identify visual acuity in children as young as 36 months and for people with language difficulties. Chart may be handheld for pediatric patients.
This near point Patti Pic symbol vision card features two smaller groups of optotypes for repetitive testing lessen the possibility of unwanted memorization while testing.   Non memorization leads to more accurate vision records and higher repeatability.  A 16" cord is attached to maintain a constant viewing distance.  Test includes:
  • Proportional spacing .
  • Visual Acuity range 8 m to .2 m (20/400, 6/120 to 20/10, 6/3 equivalent).
  • Two smaller groups 2 m to .2 m for repetitive vision testing (20/100, 630 to 20/10, 6/3 equivalent).
  • MassVAT format.
  • Visual Acuity range 2 m to .32 m (20/100, 6/30 to 20/16, 6/4.8 equivalent).

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