Stamp & Sort Mailbox
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Stamp & Sort Mailbox

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**LIMITED SUPPLY, SAVE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!** Enjoy the thrill of receiving personal mail every day with this wooden mailbox activity set. With six letters and six removable stamps, it's fun to sort the mail into the mailbox, then open the door with the wooden key for a special delivery. 

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: 
  • Pretend that the child works at the post office. Have the child stamp the mail pieces, sort them into the mailbox and "deliver" the mail pieces to locations or people around the house. 
  • Pretend that the child works at the post office. Ask for a certain number of stamps. Have the child put the stamps on the mail pieces and sort each mail piece into the mailbox. 
  • Ask the child to study the stamps then close his/her eyes. Secretly drop one or more stamps into the locked mailbox. Ask the child which stamps are missing. Unlock the mailbox to find out. 
  • Ask the child to name the colors on each mail piece and on each stamp. 
  • Ask the child to match each stamp to a mail piece by matching one or more colors on the stamp to the mail-piece colors (green on a stamp with green on a mail piece). 
Dimensions: 13.38" x 7.5" x 7.5"

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