Squigz Starter Kit (24/Pkg)
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Squigz Starter Kit (24/Pkg)

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Get squiggly, wiggly, and wild with Squigz! - They're fun little suckers. 

Connect them to each other in all kinds of crazy angles as well as to any solid, non-porous surface. Stick them to bathtubs, walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, or office desktops any which way you can imagine. Watch as they flex, stick, and suck people into creativity - They're so active, you'll be convinced they're really alive! (In fact, if the Squigz species was given a scientific name, it would most certainly be called Suctionus Constructionus.) Once they take hold, it takes some strength to pull them apart. But when you do, then - POP! - It's an auditory delight you just can't resist. 

So, what does one do with Squigz?... Why, you create things, of course! Rockets, vehicles, buildings, jewelry, even a cushion for the cat - These wiggling critters thrill in working together to build all kinds of amazing things. Just watch as they unite like a colony of ants to build a ginormous octopus or squid! Before long, it's not just the Squigz that are popping - Your mind will be popping too! 

Made of nothing but high quality silicone and never leaving a single trace of residue, Squigz is a brilliant and safe building toy that launches creative thinking beyond the limits of traditional construction. Experience a whole new creative-play jig with Squigz. Ages 3 and up.  24 Squigz per package, 8 different shapes.

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