Shape Sorting Cupcakes
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Shape Sorting Cupcakes

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A delicious way to encourage shape and color identification and build fine motor skills! These two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a shape. Children must match up the shapes to put them back together. There is also a shape at the bottom of the pan to match as well. Shapes include circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, star and heart. 

 • 8 cupcakes 
 • 1 muffin pan 

Each cupcake measures 2”H x 1.5”D Grades: Toddler+ 

Common Core State Standards Alignment: 2-D Shapes, Measurement & Data 

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile 

Skill Development: 

Basic Concepts- Supports school readiness with exploration and identification of colors. Students can learn primary colors- blue, red, yellow and secondary colors- orange, green, purple with the cupcakes. 

Fine Motor- Hand-eye coordination is encouraged as students fit the cupcakes into the pan. 

Math- Counting the number of sides to a shape and sorting cupcakes teaches the concept of attributes.

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