Sani-Cloth AF3 (Alcohol Free) Wipes - X-Large (65/Tub)
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Sani-Cloth AF3 (Alcohol Free) Wipes - X-Large (65/Tub)

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X-Large Wipes - 8” x 14” (65 per Tub) The first and only alcohol free disinfectant wipe with a 3 minute contact time. Sani-Cloth AF3 is a non-woven, disposable cloth, pre-saturated with a quaternary disinfectant cleaner. Recommended for use in hospitals and critical care areas where control of the hazards of cross-contamination between treated surfaces is of prime importance. This wipe is for use on hard, non-porous surfaces and equipment. Sani-Cloth AF3 will disinfect in just 3 minutes.

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