Safe & Caring School Poster Set
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Safe & Caring School Poster Set

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Adapted from the Safe & Caring Schools series, this set of four colorful, durable, high-gloss posters will help teach student safety, define your classroom, and reinforce values. 

Poster copy, clockwise from top left: 

Stop, Think, Choose 
Stop: Calm down and breathe deeply. Consider everyone’s feelings. 
Think: What is the problem? What are your options? What are the consequences of your actions? 
Choose: Make your choice. Talk to someone you trust for support. 

We Are a Safe & Caring School 

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated . . . with respect! 

Safe & Caring Rules 
We all have the right to: 

  • Be safe 
  • Be treated with respect 
  • Be bully free 
  • Share our feelings and ideas 
  • Agree to disagree 
  • Ask for help 
  • Learn

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