SAM Splints (18')
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SAM Splints (18")

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Large - 6" x 8 1/2" (24 per Case)  This insulated cold pack protects from cold burns and is economically priced. Protects from cold burns and is economically priced. This pack is easy to activate, simply squeeze the sides in and shake. Within three seconds the cold pack becomes 30°F and is ready to start cold therapy. To reuse the cold pack simply place in freezer until next use. 

The SAM Splint is based on an ancient construction principle that curves are strong. The reason lies in the physics of curved surfaces. When bending metal into any of the several “structural curves,” it becomes much more rigid and secure. This idea has been transposed into use for splinting.
With the SAM Splint you can convert it into a strong splint. This splint is strong enough for any conceivable splinting need. While the SAM Splint is extremely strong it is soft enough to cut with scissors for proper sizing. With the SAM Splint you can splint any bone in the body.

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