Nickie Special Needs Training Manikin - Caucasian Girl
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Nickie Special Needs Training Manikin - Caucasian Girl

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(Caucasian Girl/Female) Nickie is a medical training doll that is ideal for tracheostomy training, gastrostomy training, urethral catheterization, stoma care, injection practice and Diastat training. The Nickie anatomical training doll is great to use for training nurses, paramedics, school and hospital staff, parents and EMT’s how to care for special medical needs children. Designed by a nurse, Nickie is a multi-device special needs training mannequin that allows caregivers to “train on the doll, not the child.” Children with special health care needs require training for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals, the Nickie doll allows everyone involved to get the best training for that child.

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