Manual Control Optec 5000 with Patti Pic Slides
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Manual Control Optec 5000 with Patti Pic Slides

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The Optec Series vision screener is most similar to the old Titmus OV-7 unit. Holding up to 12 slides on the internal drum, the Optec is designed for multiple areas of testing. The Optec 5000 allows you to screen far and near visual acuity, muscle imbalance, vertical and lateral phoria, and color vision all in one compact machine.
The Optec Series Vision Screener performs comprehensive visual screening in minimal time. In addition to the ability to screen for a variety of conditions, including monocular, binocular, near, distance, daytime and nighttime the Optec can also function as a peripheral vision test. The unit is lightweight, portable and features a convenient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system. Adult and pediatric visual acuities, color and depth perception, as well as vertical and lateral phorias can be tested.
The Optec 5000, boasts unsurpassed homogenous illumination, two independent viewing ports for distance (20 feet) and near (18 inches) testing, and a washable, scratch resistant surface made from ABS plastic.
Among the features that make the Optec Vision Screener so user-friendly is the manual functionality. This model weighs less than 15 pounds, is portable and requires a mere two square feet of space. The package includes 8 standard test slides and your choice of 4 additional pre-school test slides.

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