Kleenhanz Towelettes (70/Canister)
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Kleenhanz Towelettes (70/Canister)

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(70 per Canister) When hand washing with soap and water is not accessible, Kleenhanz is your "Handwashing On-the-Go" solution! Kleenhanz is the preferred non-alcohol towelette that uses a safe and effective water-based formula to clean, sanitize and remove 99.99% of germs.
The Kleenhanz system consists of a fresh scented, pre-moistened, disposable towelette that wipes out germs. The dispensing system is designed to create a barrier between you and germs when you need it most; especially for hand mediated functions such as door handles, faucets, shopping cart handles, utensils, handling money and many other uses.
Kleenhanz is positioned to offer consumers the solution for reducing the changes of infectious bacteria affecting their health. Liquid products without towelettes for friction, such as gels and foams, do not effectively remove matter from your hands.

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