ISHIHARA Test Chart Books for Color Deficiency (38 Plate)
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ISHIHARA Test Chart Books for Color Deficiency (38 Plate)

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Accepted by leading authorities as a simple and accurate method for discovering congenital color blindness and red-green blindness, both complete and incomplete. Includes four special plates for tests to determine the kind and degree of defect and color vision. Makes use of peculiarity in red-green blindness, blue and yellow appear remarkably bright.

Inexpensive pediatric pseudoisochromatic color vision test that makes testing fun, quick and easy for "all" age groups, especially 3-6 year old pre-school children. Comprehensive, validated and 100% Ishihara compatible. Easily identified objects: circle, star, square, boat, dog and balloon can be identified by children as young as 3 years.
Two tests in one with 14 pseudoisochromatic test plates. Only takes a minute to administer and score making it a must-have for any vision screening. Children do NOT need to know their numbers. No other test in the world used easily identified pictures that can be matched or traced.
Everyone, even colorblind individuals see one object on the first six cards. This tests for malingering and validates they understand your instructions and are trying their best. No more blank stares not knowing if they are colorblind or just shy. Ideal for learning disabled and non-verbal or communicative patients.
Preferred color vision test for "Special Olympics Athletes" worldwide because of it's simplicity and recognizable international symbols. Proven to be more accurate than the Farnsworth, Lantern and D-15 at detecting mild color deficient patients. Response patterns of the normal and color deficient child is very clear cut so that a diagnosis is made with a high degree of confidence.

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