Hush Buddy Hearing Protector - Tiger
Item Number:A56275

Hush Buddy Hearing Protector - Tiger

On Sale: $22.15
**LIMITED SUPPLY, SAVE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!** (Tiger Design) Designed to fit smaller heads, these Hush Buddy headphones are for children who need increased quiet for sensitivity reasons (if they have heightened auditory sensitivities) or just for more focused activities such as reading. Each one has comfortable, cushioned ear pads that go around, not resting on, the ears to block out the maximum amount of external noise. 

Each Hush Buddy features an industry leading noise reduction rating (NRR) of 27dB, which lets in 24.2% less sound than the closest competitive item. The padded headband helps distributes the weight, making it extremely comfortable, even when worn for longer periods of time.

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