Garden Heroes Activities Kit - Activities Book (Only)
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Garden Heroes Activities Kit - Activities Book (Only)

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Grow a love for fruits and vegetables in young children with this activity book. It's packed full of nutrition education information and education-rich activities, featuring all 35 different fruit and vegetable Garden Heroes®. 

The book includes: 
 • Nutrition Bites: Information on the fruit or vegetable including Spanish name, where it grows, what it looks like, and how to eat it. 
• Heroic Facts: Fun and surprising trivia about the fruit or vegetable 
• Taste Adventure: A kid-friendly recipe for classroom or home 
• Superhero Activity: An activity in math, literacy, art, movement, science, or dramatic play relating to fruits and vegetables.
The Garden Heroes® Activities Book targets younger children, preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten and elementary education. It’s often found in classrooms, childcare centers and any place kids congregate to learn about healthy lifestyles.

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