Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator - Adult
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Ambu Spur II Disposable Resuscitator - Adult

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(Adult Size) The Ambu SPUR is designed for manual resuscitation of adults. Ambu SPUR is made from a SEBS material instead of PVC which makes it environmentally safe and fully disposable, which helps eliminates the risk of cross contamination. The Ambu SPUR consists of a transparent compression bag and patient valve which allows the rescuer to visually check the patient. The ergonomic, lightweight design of this resuscitator is made for optimal user handling and support during extended ventilations. The Ambu SPUR features Ambu's SafeGrip surface which ensures a secure grip on the bag and it can be firmly squeezed in all situations. The SPUR also features integral swivel on patient valve, direct connection of PEEP valve, valve controlled closed and open oxygen reservoir systems and a longer support strap for user comfort. These resuscitators are made to help assist better during CPR.

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