Adtemp 427 Temple Touch Thermometer
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Adtemp 427 Temple Touch Thermometer

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(Each) The Adtemp 427 provides an accurate 6 second, non-invasive temperature reading at the forehead making it ideal for pediatric patients.
The Adtemp is a non-invasive forehead thermometer that uses a patented conductive technology, which delivers clinically accurate readings in about 6 seconds. The Adtemp uses a unique probe that measures the heat flow from the blood vessels to the skin and converts it to body temperature from the temple area.
This thermometer can be cleaned with an alcohol prep pad which reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Without the use of probe covers, the Adtemp 427 is more cost-effective than other thermometers.
To use your Adtemp; simply press and release the power button, unit will beep twice when ready, hold firmly to temple and wait for beep, when beep has gone off read the results. The Adtemp 427 Temple Touch thermometer is easy-to-use, cost-effective and accurate which makes it a necessity in any school clinic!

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