Adscope 617 Adimals Stethoscope - Pink
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Adscope 617 Adimals Stethoscope - Pink

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(Pink) The Adscope 617 is a fun, pediatric stethoscope that will help put children's nerves at ease while having a check-up.
For young children the nurse's office can be a scary place but with this fun, animal stethoscope the nurse's office will become an inviting place. The distinctive molded resin animal face chest piece is optimally sized for pediatric use. This stethoscope offers a multi-frequency design.
It can switch between bell-like low frequency and diaphragm-like high frequency performance by simply altering the pressure. The non-chill bell and diaphragm offers patient comfort during use. This stethoscope is child-friendly which makes it perfect for any elementary clinic.

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